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Land Possession Certificate Bihar LPC : If you are a resident of Bihar and want to see your land information online, then the official website has been launched by the Government of Bihar through Revenue and Land Reforms Department which was seen through Apna Khata Bihar can go . Through this portal, all the citizens of Bihar state can get their land information , through this online portal , facility has been provided to computerize the land records in Bihar and view the information of the records.In today’s article, we will give you Land Possession Certificate Bihar LPC. Online Lagan Bihar | Land Receipt Online | LPC Certificate Online | You are going to give almost all the information related to it, you must read this article till the end.

🔥🔥 LPC Bihar , Land record Bihar Highlights 🔥🔥
Scheme Name Apna Khata Bihar
Department Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Government of Bihar
Objective Providing land details to the people of the state through online portal
Beneficiary All citizens of Bihar
Benefits Facility to view land information through online and download land related documents online.
Department of Revenue and Land Reforms Click Here
BhuNaksha Bihar Click Here
Bihar Bhoomi Website Click Here
Bihar Land Tribunal Department  Click Here

Benefits of Online Lagan Bihar Land Record Portal

  • ✔️️  All the people of Bihar state can now get land related information sitting at their home through the web portal created by Revenue and Land Reforms Department .
  • ️ ✔️ Through Apna Khata Bihar Portal , people  can get information about their account, measles, Jamabandi copy and Online Lagan Bihar through online mobile sitting at home, as well as print it online.
  • ️ ✔️ Through this portal people of Bihar state can get land information by entering their Khasra number and Jamabandi number.
  • ️ ✔️ With the start of Apna Khata Bihar Land Record Portal , the people of the state will save time and they will be able to do almost all the work online, they will not need to visit the Patwarkhana and the Pattedar .
  • ️ ✔️ This facility can be availed by only those people of the state whose names are land under the state limits.

Submit Bihar Jamin Ki Rasid Online Kaise Kate, Bhulekh, Bihar Land Ki, Bhoomi Lagna online.

If you want to deposit your land rent online or want to deduct the land receipt online yourself, then we are telling you the process below.

Bihar Jamin Rasid Online Pay Process

  • ✔️️  First of all you have to go to the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department Bihar Government , Bihar Bhoomi. , Bihar Bhoomi Bhulekh to go on , click here. ️
  • ️✔️  As soon as you go to the website, its home page will open, as shown here. 👇🏻👇🏻
  • ️✔️  On the home page you will get to see an option of Online Lagan .
  • ✔️ As soon as you click on the option of ️ Online Lagan ️ , a new web page will open in front of you. As shown here below. 👇🏻👇🏻


  • ️✔️  Here you have to enter some of your information, first of all District Name, Zone Name, Light Name, Mauja Name.
  • ️ ✔️ And enter your land information such as account number, plot number, page number, ryot name whatever is available.
  • ✔️️  Enter the given captcha code , and click on the search button.
  • ️ ✔️ As soon as you click on the search button , a new page will open in front of you where you will get to see the link of the outstanding views.
  • ️ ✔️ As soon as you see the dues, you will get to see the option to pay online and using this payment you will be able to pay your rent online.

Video Here Below We Are Giving You A Video To Do Land Receipt Online.

In this video , using Apnakhata Land Possession Certificate, Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms Department , the entire process of online submission of rent of Bihar land or deducting land receipt online has been told.

How to apply Bihar LPC Online?

If you want to make your LPC i.e. Land Possession Certificate Bihar LPC , then it has been started by the Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Government of Bihar . Earlier you could not apply for rejection of LPC filing through online but now it has been done online. That is, now you can apply online filed rejected LPC by visiting the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Government of Bihar.


If you want to make your LPC certificate online then follow the below procedure carefully.

Bihar LPC Certificate Online Application Process Step By Step

  • ️✔️  First of all you have to go to the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department i.e. Bihar Bhoomi . Click here to go to Bhumi Bihar website . ️
  • ✔️️  As soon as you go to the website, its home page will open in front of you as shown here . 👇👇

 Land Possession Certificate , Land Receipt Online

  • ✔️ mutation online / L 0 p 0 0 C application ust click on the link will be opened in front of the login page, where you will login because your email address and password. ( If you do not have Login ID and Password then you will register yourself again )
  • ✔️️ After login with login id password, a new page will open in front of you. 
  • ✔️  Here you to click on links to online LPC application , as long as you online LPC application click on the link that will come to open a new page in front of you.
  • ️✔️ Here first of all you have to enter the details of the land. To find the land , you can use the options like account number, plot number, ryot name etc.
  • ✔️  After getting the information of the land, you will have to click on the select link and select the LPC for which you want to apply.
  • ✔️️  Now the LPC application form has opened in front of you and here you have to enter your complete information.
  • ️ ✔️ After entering the information you will upload and submit the Self Declaration Form.
  • ️ ✔️ Your LPC will be online as soon as you submit it .

FAQ Apna Khata Bihar, Land record Bihar

Q 1. What Is Apna Khata Bihar?

ApnaKhata Bihar is a word commonly used by the people, which means to see the land documents in Bihar or the information about the land documents online online Lagan Bihar . Apna Khata is an online portal created by the Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Government of Bihar, with the help of which the residents of Bihar state can see their land information, documents, measles, account number, Khatauni, Bhulekh, Mauja etc. information online.

Q 2. How To Check Bihar Land Information Online?

If you are a resident of Bihar and want to see your land information i.e. Bihar Land record online , then for this you have to use the portal created by Apnakhata Bihar i.e. Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Government of Bihar. Here is the link to the portal. ️

Q 3. Purpose Of Apna Khata Portal?

The biggest objective of the state government behind developing ApnaKhata Bihar Portal is to save the time of the people and to reduce the problem of people who keep going round the offices to see the land documents and there is a waste of time.

Q 4. What Is Bihar Apna Khata Helpline Number?

Bihar Apna Khata Helpline Number 1800 345 6215

Q 5. How To Check Bihar Jamabandi, Khasra Number, Land Record?

You can check Bihar Jamabandi, Khasra Number, Online Lagan Bihar  , Land Records etc. by visiting the official portal of Revenue and Land Reforms Department. Click here to visit the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department . ️

Note: – So in today’s article you have read Land Possession Certificate Bihar LPC. Online Lagan Bihar | Land Receipt Online | LPC Certificate Online |  Have received almost every information related to, if you still want to ask or know something, then you can ask through comment.

Note: – In the same way, we first give information about new or old government schemes launched by the central government and state government through our website , so do not forget to follow our website.

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LPC Certificate Online , Apna khata , Apna khata

️ ✔️ Apna Khata Bihar क्या है?

ApnaKhata Bihar लोगों द्वारा सामान्य तौर पर प्रयोग में लिया जाने वाला एक शब्द है जिसका तात्पर्य बिहार में जमीन के दस्तावेज या जमीन के दस्तावेज की जानकारी ऑनलाइन देखने से है । अपना खाता बिहार राजस्व एवं भूमि सुधार विभाग बिहार सरकार के द्वारा बनाया गया एक ऑनलाइन पोर्टल है जिसकी सहायता से बिहार राज्य के निवासी अपने जमीन की जानकारी ,दस्तावेज ,खसरा, खाता नंबर, खतौनी,bhulekh, मौजा इत्यादि की जानकारी…  More

✔️ बिहार भूमि की जानकारी ऑनलाइन कैसे देखें ?

अगर आप बिहार के रहने वाले हैं और अपनी भूमि की जानकारी यानी Bihar Land record online देखना चाहते हैं तो इसके लिए आपको Apnakhata Bihar यानी राजस्व एवं भूमि सुधार विभाग बिहार सरकार के द्वारा बनाए गए पोर्टल का प्रयोग करना होगा । पोर्टल का लिंक यहां दिया गया है ।

✔️जमीन का खाता खेसरा कैसे देखें?

ऑनलाइन अपना खाता खसरा नंबर कैसे देखें ? वेब पोर्टल को ओपन करें
अपने जिला का नाम चुनें
अपना अंचल का नाम चुनें
मौजा का नाम चुनें
अपना खाता खसरा नंबर देखें
अधिकार अभिलेख की नकल देखें

✔️ जमीन का रसीद ऑनलाइन कैसे कटेगा?

सरकारी जमीन का रसीद कैसे कटेगा?

नंबर में आपको दिखेगा आपको कितनी राशि ऑनलाइन माध्यम से देनी हैं।
में आप अपना नाम भरे
में आपको अपना मोबाइल नंबर देना हैं।
में आपको अपना एड्रेस डालना है
note के निचे आपको एक ट्रिक का ऑप्शन आएगा उसपर क्लिक करनी है
और फिर ”भुकतान करें” बटन पर क्लिक करे।

✔️ जमीन का पुराना रिकॉर्ड कैसे देखें Rajasthan?

जमीन का पुराना रिकॉर्ड चेक करने के लिए आपको अपने राज्य की राजस्व विभाग की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट को ओपन करना होगा।01-Apr-2021

✔️किसके नाम कितनी जमीन है कैसे देखें?

किसके नाम पर कितनी जमीन है कैसे देखें ?
स्टेप-1 वेब पोर्टल को ओपन कीजिये
स्टेप-2 जनपद, तहसील और ग्राम का नाम चुनें
स्टेप-3 खातेदार के नाम के द्वारा खोजें
स्टेप-4 जमीन मालिक का नाम सेलेक्ट करें
स्टेप-5 Captcha Code Verify कीजिये
स्टेप-6 उस व्यक्ति के नाम पर कितनी जमीन है देखें

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