Tamil Nadu E Pass – Lockdown Covid Pass Apply Online, Status, Rules

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Nadu E Pass – Lockdown Covid Pass Apply Online, Status, Rules can be checked here. TN E Pass and TN E Registration are now available on the official website. In 2019, a novel virus emerged from Wuhan, China, and resulted in a marked worldwide outbreak of respiratory illness. This illness has not stopped spreading since. It travelled far and wide, the entire world is still affected by this highly infectious disease and some are struggling to even survive.

The disease caused such an outburst that the whole world went to a standstill. People cannot even step out of their houses and are cooped up with nothing to do. And through all this, we have only seen the stress and felt anxious. But at times of such troubles, our friends and family have been our only support.

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But if something happens to them, you want to be of whatever help you can. Then again, how do you people during a lockdown? That is why the government has removed a Lockdown Covid Pass for your easy access.

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TN Covid E Pass

The government of Tamil Nadu has also allowed this covid pass to be applicable for the citizens of that state. Tamil Nadu is a state situated in India. It is definitely one of the most beautiful and highly educated states. The government here is trying its best amid the covid situation to curb the number of cases arising daily.

TN E Registration

Although, it is quite difficult when some people may not comply or some people may have to disobey just to help the country or meet their friends and family in cases of emergencies. Thus, Tamil Nadu ePass allows you to travel within the state as well as out interstate. However, there are certain rules you need to follow while using this Lockdown Covid Pass in Tamil Nadu.

Rules of Tamil Nadu ePass

  • ✔️ Only certain individuals are eligible to apply for this pass. That includes all government officials, workers from the medical department, and individuals whose family members are in emergencies. Some activities like agriculture, fishing, plantation, and more have been exempted from the ePass and can now go about for their work without it.
  • ✔️ If you plan to travel to and from Tamil Nadu and anywhere in India this covid ePass is mandatory and without it, no travelling will be allowed.
  • ✔️ People travelling outside the country need to have this pass as well. However, recently, the rules have changed to all people travelling from different states except the nearby states like Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana.
  • ✔️ You need to carry another identity proof while using the Tamil Nadu ePass and require a separate pass or mention of your vehicle number depending on the application.
  • ✔️ an the end of your travelling period, you need to stay quarantined for 14 days and the reason to apply for the ePass should be valid or it will be rejected by the government.

Tamil Nadu Covid Pass Online Application

Tamil tn epass

  • ✔️ Now that we have seen the different rules to keep in mind while making use of the ePass, let us show you how to apply for it as well.
  • ✔️ Visit the website https://eregister.tnega.org/#/user/pass. To register for the ePass.
  • ✔️ Once on the homepage, you need to select whether you are a resident of India or some foreign country that wishes to travel to Tamil Nadu.
  • ✔️ Now you will be redirected to a page to fill in your details and enter a captcha code and send OTP.
  • ✔️ Once you have verified your mobile number with the OTP, you can select from the ePass type that you wish to avail yourself.
  • ✔️ Depending upon the selection that you have made, a form will originate that you need to fill up.
  • ✔️ On the form, you have to fill in the necessary details and documents and prove the reason for your visit.
  • ✔️ You can click on submit after this and wait for your application to get approved by the state authorities. This process may take time so you can keep checking your application status till that time.

TN E Pass Status Check

To check the status of your application, follow the steps given below:

  1. ✔️ Visit the same website as the one for the application. Once there, you need to log in with your application and mobile number.
  2. ✔️ This will lead you to a page with a lot of application numbers, thus fill in yours and click on the search button.

This will show you whether your pass has been approved or not. If it is you can download it and use it for the time applied.
Tamil tn epass


The world may be going through a lot right now, but with the support of the government with initiatives like ePass, you can be relieved. All you need to do is cooperate with the government and follow the rules as given. The above-mentioned steps will help you with the application of your TN Lockdown Covid Pass and you can enter and exit the state in times of need. Stay safe!

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Tamil tn epass

✔️ What is special about Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu[13] – the land of Tamils is a state in Southern India known for its temples and architecture, food, movies and classical Indian dance and Carnatic music. … It is the historical home of the famous Chera, Chola, Pandya and Pallava kingdoms which thrived in ancient and medieval India.

✔️ What is Tamil Nadu old name?

In 1969, Madras State was renamed Tamil Nadu, meaning “Tamil country”.

✔️ Is Tamil Nadu good place to live?

The Ease of Living Index-2018, released by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs on Monday, for identifying the best cities to live in India has said that Tiruchy was the best liveable city in Tamil Nadu and the 12th best in the country.

✔️ Is Tamil Nadu a single word?

Tamil Nadu (Tamil: தமிழ்நாடு) is one of the states in India. The capital of this state is Chennai. Tamil is the language spoken in Tamil Nadu.

✔️ Why is Tamilnadu rich?

Services contributes to 55% of the economic activity in the state, followed by manufacturing at 34% and agriculture at 11%. Government is the major investor in the state, with 52% of total investments, followed by private Indian investors at 29.9% and foreign private investors at 14.9%.

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